January 17, 2009

My Diaries Working at a Chicago Hospital:

The Foot Injury
This is one of best stories the nurses ever told me.
A man is standing near a car waving goodbye to his buddy, as the first guy drove off he ran over the second guy's foot. The injured man yelled out, the driver stopped, and instead of getting out to help his friend, backed up, and ran over his other foot.
When they brought the injured man into the ER he was cursing up a storm, so they had to sedate him.
The man driving the car was following the injured man crying and moaning like a lost puppy constantly saying he was sorry.
The police came to question the man driving the car. He told police he tried to kill his friend so they arrested him and drug him away in handcuffs.
Moral of this story: Never tell a police officer you tried to kill someone.


  1. every time i read one of these stories i hope i dont have to go back to the hospital

  2. Very true. Where do you get these stories from. Very one in a million cases would it ever happened.


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