March 24, 2009

Just Some More Chronicles from the Old Hospital Janitor

Soda Wars
A bunch of college kids where admitted to the ER.
One had plastic bottle fragments in his leg. When asked what happened by the doctor, the student said they were shaking 2 Liter soda bottles with the caps still on and then releasing them to shoot soda at one another.
Apparently one of the bottles exploded from the side and put a piece of plastic in the kids leg. The second boy had injured his eye when one student popped the bottle and the soda flew directly into his eye causing burning.
Neither had any serious injuries but stupid doesn't seem to go away even in college, in fact it seems to live and breathe like it was born there.

March 16, 2009

Just some more stuff from the Old Hospital Janitor:

This guy was brought into the ER with severe injuries.
He apparently went out into a wooded area alone with his pickup truck and chain saw to cut some firewood.
He wasn't experienced about woodcutting.
He cut part of the tree which fell on his dumbass and he laid there for several hours unable to move.
By pure luck a hunter wondered upon him, cut him lose and got the idiot to a hospital.
Because he laid there for so long he ended up losing three of his toes.
The doctors told him another hour and it would have been his leg he lost.
He also had 4 cracked ribs and a broken arm.

Sorry I haven't posted in while. Our children have us a two week all expense paid vacation to Hawaii.