February 20, 2009

More Diaries of the Old Hospital Janitor:

Reading about the recent incident of the idiots stranded on the breaking ice, reminded me of another stupid person.
This guy was brought into the ER with severe frostbite.
Apparently he wanted to show his buddies that he could jump into Lake Michigan naked.
Yes he was drunk.
He lost two fingers and 3 toes, so I guess he showed them!

February 6, 2009

Chronicles of an Old Hospital Janitor:

They brought this zookeeper attendant into the ER.
He was new on the job and loved animals.
He put his hand in the Chimpanzee cage and one of the females grab his arm and yank it so hard it pulled his shoulder blade out of socket.
Ouch !!!

February 3, 2009

Some More Diaries from the Old Hospital Janitor:

This happened my last year at work -
One day they brought this guy into the ER, he had been duct taped to a lamp post near the park.
Normally this wouldn't have mattered but it was winter, about 30 degrees outside, now that's not cold for Chicago, but it's cold for this incident.
The cold weather reacted to the duct tape and when removed took off quite a bit of the guy's skin – ouch.
The police were told by the idiots that did it they got the idea from a TV Show called Two and Half Men.