April 27, 2009

The Diaries of an Old Hospital Janitor:

Couple of guys were out cutting wood when one cut himself with an axe.
The first guy had some duck tape so he tape the gash and they went home, that's right home, not the hospital.
So when they get home, about an hour later, the guy takes the duck tape off and the blood is rushing out like a volcano.
So the wife is panicking and calls the ambulance.
They rush the guy to the hospital and he needs two units of blood, 14 stitches, and lots of antibiotics.
The moral of this story is: The duck tape was a good idea but get to a hospital immediately, don't go home and remove the tape or bandage.

April 1, 2009

Another excerpt from the Diaries of an Old Hospital Janitor:

A so-called experienced fisherman was fly casting and got his line stuck in a tree.
Yep, he yank on it and it came out with a vengeance and stuck the guy in his neck.
He drove himself to the hospital and had the fish hook removed.
We all got a really good laugh out of this one.