January 21, 2009

Chronicles of a Janitor at a Chicago Hospital:

The Rubber-band
This guy was admitted to the ER complaining about his penis was swollen. When the doctor examine the man, his penis was all swollen, turning purple, and the guy was in severe pain. So they gave him a morphine shot to calm him down. When questioned by the physician, as in did you do anything out of the ordinary, can you tell us what caused it? The man said he put a rubber-band on his penis to make it stay erect longer and get bigger. Apparently the man never removed the rubber-band and his penis was so swollen the doctor couldn't even find the rubber band which was near his testicles, which were now starting to swell and change color as well. The man told the doctor the rubber-band had been on for about 2 days.

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  1. You have a real cool blog. I really enjoyed reading through your archives. Thank you for sharing.


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