November 26, 2008

My Chronicles Continued:

These weekend campers are the best type of idiots.
A bunch of middle aged frustrated office guys went camping and got drunk and started smashing empty beer cans on their foreheads. Well one of the 16 ounce cans wasn't empty and the guy split his head open. They were all too drunk to realize what was going on till the one idiot said, 'Hey I am bleeding.' So drunk as they were they decided to drive the guy to the emergency room. On the way they hit a deer and smashed the SUV. As a result the ambulances (plural) pulled into the ER – one had a broken leg; one had a heart attack, apparently that was from the passenger air bag - he thought some hunter was shooting at them; the driver had a bloody nose, that was from his air bag; and the original injured guy still had is split open head from the beer can. They were so drunk they didn't need pain killers, but they needed something when their wives arrived to find out stupid was taken to a new level and the tickets they all got from the police.


  1. I have a thing for Janitor's.
    They live in very "Cool" places

  2. just surfing around the Blog-o-sphere today, found this.
    It's great.
    I truly agree - people are amazing they really don't think and do some of the dumbest damn things, often very costly in either money or health.


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