November 23, 2008

My chronicle diaries continued:

One late night two ambulances pulled up to the ER. One had a woman in convulsions, the other a man with an apparent heart attack.
The woman was having an epileptic fit, and the man ended up having a panic attack. They were involved. When the doctor questioned the male patient, he discovered a middle age man who explained he was getting a blowjob from the young lady who was brought in with him. It appears that within seconds the woman had gone into a convulsion just after he ejaculated into her mouth. Thinking that the woman was choking on his semen he started panicking and thus put himself into a panic attack. Once the ambulance med tech told him what was going on he started to calm down, but then a police officer told him how lucky he was that the girl had not started her convulsions while his penis was in her mouth, because she would have probably bitten it off.

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