November 24, 2008

Chronicle diaries continued:

So this ambulance pulls up, and about a minute later all hell breaks lose. This guy jumps off the gurney and goes on a kick-ass rampage. He is about 5'-8” and 140 lbs. The ambulance was followed by a police car. Now two med techs and two police officers are in a brawl with one guy. A male nurse and a security guard join in, followed by a doctor with a hypo. He is throwing people around like a rag doll. Finally they get him partially pinned down and the doctor sticks him. It doesn't put him out but he is manageable. They get him inside and later find that he had a 4 inch switchblade on him. If he had pulled that out the police would have had to shoot him. I got stuck cleaning up the mess, including the blood outside, none of which was the problem guy.

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  1. Well, at least the janitor was there. I bet he did a great job cleaning up. I wonder what happened with that ruckus. It's a good thing that the med techs and the doctor were around that time to pin the guy down. My final say: Good job to the janitor for the awesome clean-up!


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