November 21, 2008

Here's another chapter from my chronicle diary:

I mostly worked the night-shift at the hospital, it's quiet and no one is around when I am doing my tasks.
One night after visiting hours I heard this male voice saying, “confess your sins, tell me all, cleanse your soul.'
I also heard a woman's voice crying out, 'Oh yes Father, I have been bad, make me well, forgive me for I have sinned.' It sounded more like sex to me than anything else, so I slowly pushed the door open to see the Hospital Chaplain, a Catholic Priest, fingering this woman's vagina.
All I can say is it gives a whole new meaning to confessional.
It is obvious that they forgot, some hospital staff, such as a janitor are still wondering the hallways, even late at night.

your comments please,
The Hospital Janitor.

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