December 28, 2008

More Diaries of the Hospital Janitor:

Viagra had just come out.
This guy gets some Viagra, but doesn't pay attention to the directions.
He thinks it's pop a pill and instantly get a hard on.
So he takes the pill, waits about 2 minutes, nothing.
So he pops another one.
Waits another few minutes, then pops another blue pill.
Finally they kick in, now he got a super hard on.
He is banging his wife like there's no tomorrow.
She can't take it.
But the guy still has a stiffy.
So he wants a blowjob, she obliges.
But he's still erect, and she wont go another round.
So he goes into the bathroom, locks the door and starts masturbating.
After 30 minutes the wife bangs on the door and says what are you doing, you've been in there for over half and hour.
Now the guy is getting worried, his penis is hurting from being rob and used to much.
So he says, hey read those Viagra directions.
Now he knows he needs medical attention.
Gets dressed with his still hard wiener and goes to the ER.
Everyone was laughing their asses off.
People, people, people read the damn directions.

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