December 23, 2008

The Chronicles of a Hospital Janitor:

Hunters Accident:
Because it involves a shooting, accident or otherwise, the police are notified. So this is the story one of the other hunters told the cops as his friend was in surgery.
Several elderly gentlemen went hunting. They were all carrying 12-gauge shotguns. They needed to cross a wire fence in an open field. As one was climbing over, he stumbled and the shotgun, not on safety, went off and blew the top of his hunting boot and three toes off.
It gets better, about 10 minutes later, the wife shows up. She tells the the duty nurse if my husband lives I'll finish the job.


  1. lol.. haha that wife in sucha hurry.

  2. After reading this, next time I go visit anyone in a hospital, I am taking a video camera.


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